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The secret of highly visible leaders

Want to know one of the best kept secrets of people who are consistently visible? They take care of themselves.  I’m not talking about hair appointments and nails and facials – although they are nice and probably do play a factor. The secret of highly visible leaders is that they take care of:
  • The space they hold for others
  • The energy they put out into the world
  • Their approach to their own forgiveness
  • Their commitment to paying it forward
  • Their investment in themselves

the secret of highly visible leaders is not what you think...

Highly visible leaders take care of their overall space they take up – and what they share with the world…
They take care of the space they hold for other people. There’s a fine line between empathy and taking the monkey off someone else’s back. Highly visible leaders have a strong set of boundaries that they maintain without malice or unkindness. 
Visible leaders protect very carefully the energy that they put out there. Contrary to popular belief they are not giving it their all, all of the time. They formulate a strategy and they stick to it – meaning they don’t go boom and bust. They are not a slave to trending audios on Instagram, or constantly starting debates on Linkedin. They craft a rounded content strategy that delivers value and allows for screen time balance. 


Highly visible leaders take care to practice forgiveness. If things aren’t perfect they don’t berate themselves. If things go wrong they don’t wallow in it. The term failing forward is one they embrace and when things go wrong they use it as a learning opportunity rather than a chance to give up or assign blame. Think about how much you berate yourself when something goes wrong… are you your own worst enemy? 
Paying it forward is a key trait for highly visible leaders. Visibility is as much about how much OTHER people talk about you, as it is actually showing up. The more you help people, the more they will talk about it in other circles and this ripple effect will build momentum over time. 
One of the most important considerations for highly visible leaders is their ongoing commitment to taking care of their brains. Learning, developing and investing in themselves so they can be confident showing up is not just important for visible leaders, it is essential. 

struggling with your visibility as a leader? ask yourself these questions...

Have a think about whether you’ve done any of these: 
  • Taken on someone else’s problem at the detriment to your own workload/goals
  • Watched and followed and winged it with showing up because you’re not sure what the hell to do, creating a frenzy of content and then nothing for a while because you’re burnt out.
  • Beaten yourself up because something isn’t quite right or because no one bought something when you launched it.
  • Spent all your money on others because you don’t think your worth it. 
If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these, maybe you have an opportunity to get more visible by taking more care of yourself? Why not check out the Visibility Hub if you would like some support…
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