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The Website Performance Academy

Join the programme that will finally make your website a priority and give you more opportunities to attract and convert your ideal clients without such a heavy reliance on social media

are you ready to make your website a priority in your digital marketing strategy?

Then you need The Website Performance Academy…

A 16 week programme designed to comprehensively allow you to audit your website performance, learn and action the changes which will improve its performance and be supported as you shift your marketing strategy. 




If that is you, then you have found the right corner of the internet.

The Website Performance Academy is a high support group programme that will guide you through the full process of your digital marketing strategy where your website is at the heart of the operation. There is no jargon, there are implementation and integration sessions after every module and an accountability group to make it all come together. This is not a place where you are among 1500 other people all vying for my attention. This is me, helping you as much as I can to make your website a success.

What to Expect...


8 Core modules on all things website 

Covering everything from website layout, structure, keywords and how to use forums like Reddit and Pinterest to drive traffic, with everything else content related and authority building in between. It is truly comprehensive and tailored to you. 


8 implementation & integration sessions

Every week we will make the learning translate into actions and implementations specific to your business. We will workshop and brainstorm how to make it work for your website so you can actually implement straight away and see the benefits.


Optional VIP 1-2-1 sessions top & tail

There is the opportunity to top and tail a 1-2-1 at the beginning and end of your programme so you can have dedicated time with me to advise, audit, support and implement together for maximum results and full accountability. Your proper #Pamelalist.

Kind Words from Past Students:

What is included:


The Investment


£ 599 One-Time Payment
  • all access with group support

w.p.a with vip

£ 999 one-time payment or 3 x £333
  • all access with group support
  • pre programme 1-2-1
  • post programme 1-2-1
  • option to split over 3 payments

Meet the Instructor


Hey, I'm Pamela - and I am not a Guru!

I will promise you openness, transparency and a commitment to helping you through the programme with relevant information that you can implement and see the benefit from. 

No jargon, no bullsh*t and no attempts to sell you a load of things you don’t need. I’m about helping you to make actual progress, not adding to my ego.


The programme is 16 weeks long.

Every week there is either live learning, or live implementation sessions.

You’ll need a website for starters! You will also need to give us access to your backend so we can help you during the programme.

Everything that has been detailed above – and more.

There is lifetime access to the materials.

Due to the live nature of the programme I can’t offer a trial but there is a 14 day cooling off period once the doors close so if you change your mind you can get a full refund.

Increased understanding, clear actions, and if you have been implementing along the way, progress in your website performance.

I would love as many of you to join as possible –  but this is not going to be a programme where 1500 people are in the same call. It is likely that you will be around 5-7 others. If there are a lot more then I will split people into groups and deliver multiple sessions so you retain the quality of the programme.

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Got a question?

If you are not sure if it is right for you then drop me a message and we can chat it through. 

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