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5 things you should NEVER do with your website as a small business owner

I’ve compiled this list of 5 things that you should never do as a small business owner because I’ve seen so many people make similar mistakes, and then wonder why no one is visiting their website or why it isn’t converting.  Hopefully this will help you to get in the right mindset when it comes to your website so that you can create an online presence that supports you overall brand and growth goals…

Things you should never do with your website #1 – Think that your website is “done”.

One of the biggest mistakes I see when it comes to small business websites is how static they leave their website content.  Your website should be the living breathing engine for your brand – it is your corner of the internet that you can control way more than you can with social media.  To get your website working hard for you, you should have an active content strategy that builds your website into a useful resource hub.

#2 in the 5 things you should never do with your website – talk in first person if you haven’t introduced yourself!

This one happens a lot – you land in the homepage and the opening paragraph is “I started my business…” and yet there’s no picture or introduction so no one knows who “I” is!  If you want to speak in the first person on your website then make sure you introduce yourself (ideally with a picture or video), so that the audience knows who is speaking.

Things you should never do with your website #3 – Forget about your branding.

The aesthetic of your website massively affects the perception of your brand.  Branding is so important for small business owners, so ensuring your website aesthetic appears to your ideal client  is essential if you want your website to convert.  Things which affect your website’s aesthetic:

  • Colours
  • Styling
  • Imagery
  • Graphics
  • Fonts
  • Functionality

#4 – You should never have instant pop-ups on your website.

There is nothing more off putting than landing on someone’s website and being immediately met with a pop-up blocking the first impression.  In fact, the first impression becomes the pop-up!  If you want to grab people’s attention with an offer or lead magnet have a delay setting – or set the pop up to appear as someone is exiting the site – it’s a great way to capture their attention.

Things you should never do with your website #5 – Forget your call-to-action buttons.

People need to be told what to do – so you need to have a clear call to action on every page of your website!  Ideally you would have a call to action above the fold (above the fold is a bit of jargon for the first screen impression before anyone scrolls), but overall you want to ensure that your users have a clear progression from what they are consuming on the page.

In a Nutshell:

  • Your website should be a living breathing content engine for your brand.
  • You should always introduce yourself if you plan to talk in the first person.
  • Branding is so important for conversion on your website.
  • Instant pop-ups block your ability to give that great first impression.
  • Every page of your website should have a clear call to action.

Your website has the power to be a real catalyst to your brand development and business growth, do not let it languish or become a detractor.  With over 75% of people making a decision about a business based on their website – it’s essential that it works as hard as you do!

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