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How solopreneurs and small business owners can still show up during economic uncertainty.

There is a lot of negative media messaging surrounding small business owners out there right now.  Rising costs, volatile markets and general scaremongering has a lot of entrepreneurs wondering if their business can survive in such a climate.  This article seeks to help you to create messaging which still cuts through to your ideal clients and general leads and sales that mean you not only weather the storm but can still grow too.

5 ways you can show up during a recession as a small business owner and connect with your ideal clients.

  1. Double down on your why.
  2. Create a rounded content strategy.
  3. Collaborative with other businesses.
  4. Seek new audiences.
  5. Switch up your focus.

1. Double down on your why.

Everyone has a why for creating their business.  Your why may evolve over time, but when there is a lot of uncertainty around, a lot of negativity and doubt, connecting to your why can help with both galvanise and motivate you to show up for your audience.  If your why is to change the world and how does your unique solution do that?  If your why is to provide for your family and be your own boss so you can do the school run guilt free, then use that as a driving force for serving your ideal clients with valuable content that compels them to buy from you.  The other way to reignite your why is to consider the alternative.  What does not having your business mean for you, your circle and your clients?  What does the future look like?  That can help to create a motivation that quells any feeling of unease at showing up.

One of the key reasons people don’t show up authentically or in the way they truly want to is fear of judgement.  Fear what other people will think and say.  Well, there’s a great way of handling those thoughts – picture the amount of people that are judging you filling the room to pay your bills.  It’s empty.  So don’t focus on what they think focus on what you know, and why you do what you do and that will help you with the courage to show up regardless.

2. Create a rounded content strategy

A key component to building an audience of customers that can withstand any economic volatility is to build a content strategy that serves more than it sells.  If you are prone to creating only sales led content then you definitely have an opportunity to add more to your strategy that will build your audience, create real connections and generate brand advocacy.

How to create a rounded content strategy in 5 steps:

  1. Create a profile of your ideal client to really understand their lifestyle and demographics.
  2. Explore all of the topics, issues, questions and subjects that are of interest to your ideal client.
  3. Organise these topics into content pillars or buckets to help you have a range of subjects to talk about.
  4. Create a plan of how you can create and distribute this content.
  5. Action and monitor the results – making adjustments where needed!

3. Collaborate with other businesses

They say strength comes in numbers – well if you still want to show up during uncertain times, finding businesses to collaborate with can be a great boost to your confidence and your reach.

From social media takeovers to joint giveaways or thought leadership events, working with other like minded businesses not only gives you moral support – it gives you access to a wider audience.

Think carefully about who you look to collaborate with ensure there is a clear strategy, plan and agreement on what’s going to happen so everyone is invested at the same level.  Make sure the business aligns with your values and that there is no obvious conflict of interest that could hamper the efforts of the collaboration.

Collaborations are a brilliant way of building and maintaining a network around you – and they normally end up transcending business and you actually become friends.

4. Seek new audiences

If you feel like you have been banging the drum to the same people for a while now and you’ve maybe saturated your messaging, perhaps now is the time to look to find new audiences to address.  Ways to approach this :

  • Different geographics / locations
  • Similar demographics
  • Different industry / market / niche.

As long as you get clear on the profile of your clients, and can understand how your product / service provides a unique solution to them then you can find a whole new way of showing up and generating leads / sales which will massively benefit you during times of economic uncertainty.

5. Switch up your focus

One of the best ways to generate confidence to show up is to switch it up!  If you have been dormant on a particular platform then giving it a refreshed focus can refresh your motivation at the same time.  If you have been focussing on one particular medium – say videos, why not try switching it up to something else – like audio content?  Trying new things can help you to reach new audiences, get more traction and open new doors for collaboration.  This can really help to support you with showing up during times of economic uncertainty.


Showing up as a small business owner or solopreneur is daunting at the best of times, let alone during a period of economic uncertainty.  By focussing on the core of your business, connecting with your why and being imaginative with collaborations and finding new ways to connect with your audience, you can weather the storm.  What is holding you back?

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