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What is important for small business owners to focus on with SEO?

It can be challenging to know what is important for small business owners to focus on with SEO.  Conflicting advice, pushy sales tactics and off putting jargon can make you want to run a mile rather than actually tackling the SEO for your website.  In this guide we will explore what is important for small business owners to focus on when it comes to SEO, so that you can make informed choices for your business when it comes to getting your website visible!

The 5 pillars of SEO for small business to focus on:

  • Structure and Performance
  • Keyword Clarity
  • Content
  • Domain Authority
  • Brand

The number one consideration for small business owners to focus in with SEO is – Website Structure and performance.

If you have a website that’s a cookie–cutter template – or you had someone build it that didn’t ask you any questions about your ideal client or how your business works, then it’s likely that you won’t have a website structure that is working hard enough for you.  A crucial element of SEO that is very important small business owners is to craft a website structure that is tailored to your ideal clients consideration journey, and that performs quickly and efficiently.  Page speed is an essential factor to optimise with your website – people don’t like to hang around anymore!  You can take a free website audit to look at your website performance and create a plan to ensure your website structure and performance are meeting the needs of your ideal customers.

At Manchester SEO Specialists we focus on working with our clients to understand the end to end provision of their brand, we work to deeply connect with what the goals and strategy of the business is so that we build a website structure that is fully bespoke and based on the customer journey – rather than a basic website template.  To connect with our Manchester SEO services get in touch or check out the Visibility Hub to explore how we can help.

The second factor that is important for small business owners to know when it comes to SEO is – Keyword Clarity.

One of the questions I’m often asked is “What are keywords and how do I make sure they are on my website”  by small business owners.  Every single page of your website should focus on a clear, unique keyword phrase –  something that is searched for by your ideal client.

As a small business owner you don’t really need a keyword tool to help you with keywords – you need to get clear on who your ideal client is and think about what motivates them to buy.  By doing deep ideal client work you will know the questions that your customers are asking.  By creating content that matches those questions you are incorporating your keywords into your website.

Of course there are techniques to keywords placement and getting suitable keyword density into your website pages which will help you to stand out from the competitors.  Our Manchester SEO service doesn’t just cover Manchester, we help small business owners across the UK (and internationally!) with researching, mapping, placing and analysing keyword performance to ensure that your website is ranking for what your ideal clients are searching for and what will bring you the most lucrative leads.  We explore the whole spectrum of keyword opportunities and map those into a competitive landscape so that we can create a bespoke SEO plan that is achievable, sustainable and grows in line with your business strategy.

The key for small business owners when  it comes to keywords is to think beyond the obvious.  Spend time on creating a full profile of your ideal client and their motivations, and this will give you the questions your ideal client is asking which gives you your content inspiration.

Important factor #3 – Content!

One of the biggest misconceptions / mistakes made by small business owners when it comes to SEO is thinking that their website is “done” and that it “just needs to be optimised”.  No website is ever done.  Well actually a website can be done – if you don’t want to ensure it continues to rank.  If you want to make real SEO gains and create sustainable ranking results, then you need to have an active content strategy that looks to build your website into a useful resource hub.  The more helpful you can be to your ideal clients, the more content you build, the more google will recognise your website as an authority and rank you for searches.

Here at Worsley Creative we are passionate content creators – and we believe content marketing is one of our superpowers.  We are able to immerse into the avatar of your ideal client, explore the needs and wants for content and craft the messaging that will speak on an engaging and connective level.  If you need help with your content creation, then get in touch with us to have a chat.

How Domain Authority is the 4th most important SEO consideration for small business owners.

What is domain authority I hear you say?  Domain Authority is the measurement of your websites backlink profile – the volume of links you’ve got from external websites essentially giving your website a vote of confidence.

Building backlinks are essential for SEO and creating a backlink building plan should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.  It is, however, not as easy as adding to basket (although there are SEO agencies which may encourage this) – to create an authentic backlink profile as a reputable resource you need to have an active content strategy, and a proactive outreach programme that will secure you valuable links to enhance your profile.  At Worsley Creative we have worked with lots of small business owners to create a backlink strategy that builds their website profile organically and authentically.  To do this yourself you can look at this approach –

  • Look at websites within your existing network to connect with.
  • Look at trade publications in your niche that have an active feature / collaboration policy.
  • Create a PR campaign to secure media links from local or national sources.

The overall important factor – number #5 – building your brand.

There is nothing more powerful in SEO terms than in becoming your own search term.  Carving out, defining and developing your brand as the go to in your niche, the expert in your field, the trusted product or service.  The more you build your brand, the more you raise awareness of your offer and the transformation you can bring to your ideal clients, the less you need to rely on generic search terms for people to find you.  Your digital marketing focus should have brand development at the heart of it’s purpose – it’s something that will continue to pay dividends long beyond an isolated social media campaign.

If you need help with your SEO as a small business owner or would like to discuss your overall online visibility strategy then get in touch with us today.

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