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Why is online visibility so important for small business owners?

Why is online visibility so important for small business owners? Well… Online visibility has become essential for small business owners, simply because people are now connected 24/7.  With 98% of people researching a business online before they engage with it, having a strong online presence and being visible is critical to a businesses success. 

In this article we will explore what online visibility means, why online visibility is important for small business owners, and how you can create an online visibility strategy that drives your business growth.  By the end you’ll have a good grasp of the importance of online visibility for a small business owner and what encompasses online visibility – so that you can make your own plan!


  • What is online visibility?
  • The importance of knowing your ideal client to create the right online visibility strategy.
  • The elements of an online visibility strategy.
  • How to create your optimal online visibility strategy.


Online visibility in its purest form is how you choose to show up across the world wide web.  From having your own website, to creating profiles on social media and having a digital PR strategy, anywhere that your business has a presence online contributes to your online visibility.  It would be easy to think that simply having a presence online would be enough for a small business owner, but with ever increasing competition both locally and internationally, and the rise of mobile device usage, crafting an online visibility strategy that sets you apart from your competitors is crucial for business success.

Every time you post something online, when you add to your website or register for a directory – you are contributing to your online presence and visibility.  If you want to attract the right type of audience that will convert into paying customers, then crafting the right online visibility strategy is essential.

The Importance of Understanding Your Ideal Client when creating your online visibility strategy.

Your ideal client is that perfect customer – the one that brings you joy to work with, that doesn’t quibble at your prices or question the value you bring.  They are perfectly suited to the product or service you sell, and you know you can get good results for them.  Getting clear on your ideal client allows you to create an online visibility strategy that focuses on your ideal client, so you don’t waste time attracting people who won’t buy from you, or that don’t bring you joy to serve.  Want to know how to define your ideal client?  Check out the Visibility Vault – an affordable online visibility subscription that gives you access to training, resources, and support to help you get your business visible.

Once you are clear on your ideal client you will be able to craft an online visibility strategy that tells you where to hang out online, what sort of content to produce and how to hone in on your messaging so you convert the most amount of customers.

The Elements Of A Successful Online Visibility Strategy

Online visibility is so important for small business owners because how you define your presence across the internet will determine who you attract, when you attract them, how they buy from you and if they will ever buy from you again.  Creating an online visibility strategy should also work for you and your business – so you don’t become a slave to your computer or phone as much as anything – creating content or showing up where your ideal clients are not and wondering why you are not making the sales you want to. 

The important elements for creating your online visibility strategy:
Knowing how much time you have to carve out for being visible online will determine how quickly you can grow and where to focus your efforts.
Ideal Client
Knowing what your ideal customers respond to in terms of content, where they hang out on social media and what types of things, they search for will help you to craft the right online visibility strategy.
Understanding the resources you have around you – either in terms of people, systems or even inspiration! Will determine what your online visibility strategy will look like. A big corporation for example will have a content team and lots of sophisticated equipment – versus you and your phone!
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Getting clear on those elements will then allow you to create an online visibility strategy that will give you the best return for your investment (time or money).

Once you’ve established the foundations you then need to think about the online visibility channels that you want to participate in, engage with people in and distribute content over.

online visibility channels...

This graphic shows the size of the opportunity to be visible online as a small business, but there is a watch out here – try to be omni-present across all channels and you could face burn-out pretty quickly.  That’s why its important to understand the time you have available, your ideal client preferences and your available resources.  This will allow you to hone in effectively and create a sustainable strategy that gets you the best results.

How to create your optimal online visibility strategy

  1. Define your goals. What are you looking to achieve with your online visibility strategy?  Is it an audience goal, a sales goal or something else?
  2. Select your platforms. What platforms do you intend to be visible on?  Make sure this is linked to where your ideal client hangs out.
  3. Brainstorm your content ideas. You need to be clear on what messages you are delivering and what action you want people to take.
  4. Plot your timeline. Create a timeline of activity that you will be visible.  Tip – make sure carve out time for networking and breadcrumbing as well as just creating and distributing content.
  5. Set your KPI’s and Review Points. It is important that you measure your performance and put in regular reviews to see if you are working towards or achieving your goals.

Creating a sustainable, manageable and clear plan will allow you to show up online as the best version of you / your brand.  A scattergun approach will get you inconsistent results at best, or will just fail to support you with growing your business – and as it is so important for business owners to have a good level of online visibility making sure you craft a decent strategy will make your lie easier in the long run.

If you would like to learn more about creating an online visibility strategy that works for you and delivers you results with getting your business seen by your ideal clients then you may be interested in the Visibility Vault – an affordable learning subscription with access to hundreds of resources, training, support and templates.

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Pamela Rae-Welsh is the founder of Worsley Creative, an online visibility specialist studio that supports small business owners with creating an online presence that allows them to achieve their goals and attract their dream clients.

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