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Celebrating All Things Women & Girls For International Womens Day 2023

This International Womens Day the theme is about all things equality – and as a female entrepreneur operating in the heavily dominated male tech environment the topic of equality is one I am incredibly passionate about. This year I asked the members of my female entrepreneur community The Visibility Society to share their stories of incredible women and girls. Women who have disrupted their industries, made a difference to people’s live and touched their hearts through being family role models. What has come together is an inspirational and poignant collection of female trailblazers, mothers, sisters, leaders, changemakers and heroes that I am proud to present and capture for #IWD2023.

The Changemakers & Leaders

The official theme for International Women’s Day 2023 is #embraceequity and the submissions from these female leaders recognising the change women have brought about in science and technology go a long way in showing the power of what women can do. Lizzie Earle from www.antenatal-training.co.uk was keen to celebrate the neuroscientist Marion Diamond – a trailblazing neuroscientist:

“Marian Diamond was a Neuroscientist working in the 1970’s who literally changed the way we think about Mothering. She demonstrated that during pregnancy the maternal brain grows and starts reprogramming and reorganising  itself, moving all unneeded information to the dark realms of the brain – this is why Mothers report “baby brain syndrome”. They haven’t “lost” their intelligence, the brain has simply reorganised it!

In addition to brain growth, the salience network and the emotion regulation network are stimulated. The salience network is activated in response to threat detection helping the mother to become vigilant to harm, and protective of her baby. Ever heard of Mama Lion? – yep this is her!

Whereas the emotional network with the increased numbers of neurons and connections helps to place greater emphasis on intuition and bonding than intelligence. When a baby receives high nurturing touch from a mother, this actually changes their DNA leading them to becoming more nurturing and empathetic in turn.

Marion’s conviction and work was not only inspirational, but through her work she allowed us to see all female kind, as inspirational rather than ditzy new mums!”

Marion’s work has inspired Lizzie with her purpose led training organisation that is disrupting the birthing world with contemporary theories and approaches that put women at the heart of the birthing process, rather than male dominated medical theories which are outdated and not as relevant to women in 2023.

Marion Diamond has made a real change when it comes to understanding the behaviour of new Mums

Leading change in a male dominated industry, and empowering other women to think independently is what Female Financial Advisor Rebecca Robertson has been advocating for the last 15 years in financial services. Rebecca has built up a brand based upon serving the needs of women and families, without the need for bro-marketing or aggressive sales techniques. Celebrating females looking to carve out an independent future, become financially literate and take control of their finances is an issue that is key to driving equality in 2023, and Rebecca’s success has been based upon her no nonsense, practical approach which is inspiring to aspirational career women. 

The Role Models

What was overwhelming in the responses from The Visibility Society members was the role that female family members have on being the inspiration for their own journey. Stories of selflessness, love, sacrifice and commitment that show that heroes do not always wear capes, and that women make a difference every single day. At home, at work and to society – through their incredible and unique powers.

As part of this celebration we have to recognise the Mothers and Grandmothers. I’ll start with the beautiful Wendy Green; mother to leading furniture designer Liz Clarkson from Liz Clarkson Interior Transformations. Wendy inspired Liz with her kindness, her empathy for others and her fundamental principle to lead with the heart rather than the mouth. Promoting tolerance, understanding and seeking to understand are values which she has passed on to Liz, who now works passionately on preserving history (and the planet) with her stylish interior transformations.

My own mother had a similar impact on my own drive and purpose. Her tenacity, her resourcefulness and utter commitment to support people are values that I proudly channel through my brand. Unfortunately my mother sadly passed away in February 2023, leaving a gaping hole in my heart, but a legacy I will proudly carry forward. She has inspired me to be a similar role model to my own daughter who is a fierce female with so much potential for creating change in the future.

International Women's Day
My own Mother is still a constant source of inspiration

Tina Elven from KoolK9Kids, a unique online children’s club promoting healthy relationships between kids and dogs was greatly inspired by her Grandmother – going to show that the impact of women across generations carries so much power:

“Growing up my grandmother made a massive difference to how I viewed the world including the importance of making someone feel unique. She taught me that kindness goes a long way while also promoting laughter when things get tough. I loved listening to her stories and always felt special in her company.”

Jo Elizabeth, leading hair and make-up designer from London also celebrates her late Mum this #IWD2023 – with this incredible poem which shows the impact that our Mums can have on our lives:

“I can’t think of any other women I would rather celebrate on international women’s day than my late mother.

 A free spirit, A rebel, A role model.

The confidant, The bad influence, The anarchist.

The entrepreneur, The Get-Rich-Quick , The Hippie chic.

The hugger and The free-lover.

The do-gooder, The “You-shoulda’

The best friend, as well as a mother.”

What stands out about all of the everyday heroes mentioned here is how love is a driver for the impact they create – and this is a unique superpower that should be embraced this International Women’s Day. Love is the ultimate equaliser – and as women we need to be proud of how much change we can drive with love at the core of our purpose.

The Planet Savers

When it comes to driving equality for good, the female trailblazers in the sustainability space are creating huge change and impact that should be celebrated this #IWD. None more so than the amazing work from Miranda Wang, the founder of Biocellection. Miranda is pioneering the efforts to make items which were previously unrecyclable recyclable. The fact she is only 25 as well goes to show that young women are making so much strides in driving equality and making change which is incredibly motivating for other young people.

Continuing with the power of youth – creating change for the future is what makes Ethical VA Maya Vertigans so proud of her sister Isabel. As women in 2023 we all have a huge responsibility in being champions for the climate, and both Maya and Isabel are proud advocates of protecting the planet for future generations. Maya is passionate about supporting ethical small businesses with outsourced support, and championing sustainability causes to reduce the harmful impact that the population is having on the planet. The fact she has her sister as a key supporter and ally in their cause is a constant source of encouragement for Maya. You can find out more about Maya’s work at www.plannerbeeva.com

One area of industry that needs to recognise and make a huge shift when it comes to protecting the planet is the wedding industry, and a female making huge strides to champion this very cause is Michelle Miles, the founder of the Sustainable Wedding Alliance. Michelle is passionate about supporting the wedding industry in the UK with making choices which reduce the egregious impact of weddings on the planet, and this is something I am following and supporting just as passionately.

The Inspirational Next Generation

This IWD The Princes Trust are leading a campaign this year called #changeagirlslife which is centred on improving the opportunities and prospects for underprivileged girls and young women in the UK. Their work makes a huge impression on propelling the issue of equality as we seek to raise women with the same opportunities as their male counterparts. It is a constant source of inspiration how much young people can show us that bravery, tenacity and seeing beyond the problem can make a difference to communities and our society as a whole.

Triumphing through adversity is what Natalie Roberts from Kind Melts loves to celebrate in her beautiful granddaughter:

“I am constantly astounded by my granddaughter’s incredible strength and determination. Despite multiple major surgeries and complex medical issues associated with her Pfieffer syndrome, she always has a beautiful smile. Every day, she is a reminder that no matter what obstacles we face in life, we possess the resilience to overcome them.”

Norwich wedding dress shop owner Laura Bartrum is so proud of her children that she has named an entire bridal collection after them. Working to provide a legacy for her children that demonstrates the power of hard work and dedication, Laura is a passionate business owner that leads an all female team in her bridal boutique. Through times of adversity, covid and an incredibly challenging start to 2023 personally, Laura has found the love, support and entertainment that only children can bring to be an invaluable support – which goes to prove that our next generation have so much to give.

The Women In Sport

The world of sport is undergoing so much change when it comes to equality – with women in sport finally getting the attention and airtime that they thoroughly deserve. The British women’s teams in football, athletics, rugby and cricket are leading the way in inspiring young girls across the globe with not just watching sport – but to try it themselves, and to believe they can have a valuable career in their chosen sport. As a final tribute to inspirational women this IWD I want to celebrate those women in sport, as well as those women in business and those women in education that are providing a constant source of inspiration for women and girls to continue striving for excellence and narrowing that equality gap.

Want to celebrate an inspirational woman in your life? Hit reply and tell me about them!

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