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What impact are your habits having on your small business?

What impact are your habits having on your small business? 

Are your habits supporting your business goals or are they actually detracting away from you being at your most effective? In this article we will be exploring the impact of habits on small business owners, and providing some recommendations on books and resources that can help you with analysing and re-programming your habits as a small business owner. 

are your habits as a small business owner supporting your goals?

The widely accepted definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. No one in the small business world would describe themselves as insane – however (even if we don’t like to admit it) we actually change very little in our lives on a daily basis because we have a set of habits that we have established and it’s not easy to break them, but we expect different results from the same activities…
We are all put together by a series of habits that we have formed – whether that’s from childhood or adult conditioning. We brush our teeth as a habit, we watch television at certain points of the day as a habit and we run our businesses around a set of habits that we have established either from learning, intuition or necessity.
Our habits are what contribute to our outputs – and ergo our success – yet we rarely look to review our habits. We review the mechanisms and resources first and foremost because we don’t really want to challenge our behaviour. For example – if we think our teeth are looking a bit discoloured we will switch up the toothpaste, rather than looking at our habits around tooth brushing and whether that’s effective enough.
It’s the same in business. We will say that we need a better bit of tech, or another course or programme to get “new” resources or capabilities, rather than reviewing the habits we have formed to drive our business…

When have your reviewed your habits as a small business owner?

Have a think about your business habits. What do you do on a daily basis, when do you do them, what do they achieve? Are your habits contributing to your success or are they quietly sabotaging your business growth?
My habit of creating these articles each week helps to build my relationship with you all and establish myself as a relatable mentor. This habit is a positive one and something I should look to continue or build upon this year.
I also however have a habit of “stalking” online coaches who are doing better than me – not to learn from them in a healthy way, but my habit is to look at them and be critical of both myself and them. It’s not a healthy habit for my own mental well-being or for my business growth. It’s a habit I’m committed to changing in 2023 by making some subtle changes to the way I consume content and the affirmations that I say to myself.
Maybe you have a habit of going on Instagram and losing time from scrolling other peoples content and then questioning your own and losing confidence in what you were going to say. You could shift that habit by posting as soon as you go on the platform before you start looking at your feed.
Perhaps you have a habit of adding “sort out website” to your to do list each week and then never getting round to it because it’s too overwhelming. You could shift that habit by breaking down “sort out website” into manageable chunks such as “refresh website homepage” or “update meta descriptions” and this could reduce the overwhelm.
Do you have a habit of ignoring something in your business because you don’t know how to fix it or you are scared of what it will tell you?
Maybe it’s time you looked at your business habits and reviewed what is contributing to your goals and what is detracting away from you making progress. You may be surprised at what some habits are doing – or not doing for you and your business, and it could become the real catalyst for change and success in 2023. 

5 resources to help you review your habits as a small business owner...

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To help you with reviewing your habits and creating powerful habits that will support you growing your small business, here are 5 resources to help you discover, learn and make impactful change…

Charless Duhigg

This classic self development book takes a look at the science of habit and what impact your habits are having on your small business, with powerful insight into how to make changes for greater success. It is a bit wordy and you’ll need some willpower to concentrate with it, but the content is fantastic.

Habits for small business owners

Damon Zaharides

This ten step guide to making small changes to build into real transformation is brilliant if you struggle to make wholesale changes, or have a low attention span (like me!). It focuses on accountability and reward – two things that appeal to me as a business owner!


John R. Torrence

If you feel stuck on a constant hamster wheel of activity that doesn’t get you any closer to the bottom of your to do list then this resource from John R Torrence can really help you. I’m always sceptical about “simple hacks” but this book has some great tips that you can incorporate without feeling like you are making wholesale change.


The Positivity Believer

Don’t be put off by the simplistic design of this tracker – I think it adds to its appeal! You have a whole month to a page which helps to reinforce what you are working towards. It is great value too so a good place to start if you have a limited budget.

daily habit tracker

Patrick Drechsler

If you are looking for a book that focuses on the the 5 most important characteristics for success, which are are self-confidence, self-management, social awareness, relational skills, and responsible decision-making then this is the self development guide for you. Its holistic in its approach which I like and it is not too big at just 126 pages.

Winners Habits
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