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How to flourish as a solopreneur in 2024

If you’re running a business on your own; trying to navigate the ever changing landscape that is the entrepreneurial world, and maybe even slightly drowning in the noise of well meaning advice, then it can feel hard to know how to flourish as a  solopreneur in 2024. Constant negativity in the media, cliquey online groups, confusing algorithms and rising costs will most likely be putting immense pressure on you – and that will not be helped by seeing a lot of solopreneurs leaving the rat race to return to the comfort of a monthly payslip and no bloody content requirements. If you are digging deep right now, hanging on and clinging to that original dream of having a thriving small business, then right now you could probably do with some inspiration. I’ve put this “how to flourish as a solopreneur in 2024” together because I believe that there is so much opportunity this year. It may need you to evolve; it will definitely need you to get out of your comfort zone and it is going to require you to step into being the CEO of your business rather than the Jack of all trades. There is a big space for purpose led business owners this year – so let’s dive into it and find out how you as a solopreneur can flourish in 2024…

1: Get Clear On What Flourishing Means To You As A Solopreneur

What does flourishing even mean to you? Does it automatically mean money? Or time perhaps? Or customer satisfaction, or even impact. What you should get really clear on when thinking about how to flourish as a solopreneur in 2024 is to know what flourishing means to you. It does not need to mean an income goal. It does not need to mean audience growth. Flourishing to you could be achieving the same income in less time or with less cost. It could mean helping more people for the same income, or creating something new for your clients. Do not let anyone dictate to you what flourishing is other than in the context of joy. Flourishing as a solopreneur in 2024 should be profoundly based upon what brings you happiness and fulfilment. With this as a basis, all of the other elements have more meaning – and you can find purpose – even with the really transactional elements I propose below!

Find out what flourishing means to you - it will make all the difference to your approach!

2: Level Up Your Market Research

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that by stalking your competition on Instagram that you are doing suitable market research (we ALL do it!), but I am here to tell you that if you are serious about flourishing in 2024 then you need to go deeper than that. Ways to conduct good market research this year:

  • Conduct customer surveys. Utilise your email list, enlist your audience on social media, and leverage your personal network to canvas your ideal clients and find out key information on their purchasing drivers for the year. It is time that solopreneurs stepped away from here say and relying on what some guru is telling them and stepping into actual information. If your audience is small, your email list not started yet or you are unsure of what questions to ask – then finding a suitable business mentor in your niche can really help, as can joining forces with others in your market to create a collaborative piece of research which could be very powerful. Market research allows you to refine your offers, influence your pricing and spending behaviours and create the most compelling messaging that will speak directly to your ideal clients.

  • Do deep competition analysis. It is time to go beyond the superficial and to properly understand the proposition of your competition. Hubspot have a brilliant framework for conducting a competitor analysis that I would highly recommend you check out as this will give you the checklist of points to establish. This will allow you to compare your own offer and how that stacks up to the competition so that you can evolve your own offer – or unlock some inspiration into your own USP that you can incorporate into your brand messaging.
  • Utilise market data. You should make a list of market data sources that you can use to help your market research. From Google Trends telling you the search performance of your ideal clients, through to trade research and even government statistics releases from ONS. This is next level use of data to inform your business – but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. You can either set aside time to conduct your research, or look to outsource the task to a VA or even a freelancer on Fiverr! I am huge fan of outsourcing tasks like these where you get the benefit from the outcome rather than the input.

Once you have great data, insight and narrative, this can become absolute rocket fuel for you flourishing as a solopreneur in 2024. Why? Because you will have a deeper understanding of what is going on for your customers, you’ll have a stronger understanding of your proposition versus your competition and you’ll know what the market is doing, so you can adjust your business accordingly. Forewarned is forearmed. This is where knowledge really is power and where you can become the CEO of your business, leading it from the front rather than being reactive and behind the curve. You can have more confidence in your decisions and conviction in your methods.

Get insights into your market from as many sources as possible

How to flourish as a solopreneur in 2024

3: Rethink Your Approach With Your Digital Presence

If this was 2019, I would be telling you to think of your online presence as your shop window to the world, where a well-designed website and engaging social media profiles can be like welcoming friends into your home. It is not 2019 however, and the world has really moved on. In 2024, the digital landscape is more interconnected than ever, we have an ai world with more content created and consumed than ever before, and as a result you will need to craft a marketing strategy that is truly omni-channel. Why? Because time on individual platforms is diluted – people flip between different apps and spend less time absorbed in just one space. They expect seamless interactions with your business regardless of your size and they want you to be everything and nothing like a big corporation. With this in mind, spending 80% of your time on one social media platform and talking about the same things over and over again, will seriously limit your ability to reach your audience this year. There is a full eco-system of marketing at your disposal that you can implement to create meaningful connections with your audience.

The eco-marketing system available to your small business is so much more vast than just social media

Thinking beyond individual posts and operating your marketing distribution in silos (jargon debuster – thinking about your website separately to your emails which are separate to your socials and your networking activities) will seriously help you to flourish as a solopreneur in 2024. Does this sound daunting? Are you thinking  – where would I start with this? This is something that can feel like a Mount Everest kind of task – one that few attempt, even fewer succeed at and most just admire others for. The way to tackle this? Not see it as Mount Everest. What you should always start with is your vision – what you want to achieve. Then look at what you need  to do to achieve that vision and what your audience needs and wants to know to trust in you to deliver on that vision. If you struggle to see the wood for the trees (or the mountain for the snow with the Everest analogy!) then this is something that a marketing mentor can support you with. Imagine how it would feel if you had a full on content engine driving forward your business, telling powerful stories to your audience and connecting them to your offers? Yeah, it would feel bloody good, I agree.

4: Eat That Frog!

Think of the transactional stuff for your business as the enabler for you to pursue the real things that bring you joy in your business. When I was a solopreneur one of the things that consistently held me back from flourishing in any capacity was my pathological avoidance of all things finance and administration related. With changes to legal compliance happening regularly for solopreneurs, it is really important that you prioritise the administration of your business and create good disciplines that will establish you as the CEO of your business. Last year so many solopreneurs gave up because they didn’t create the systems in their business that got the transactional stuff done. Something that truly inspired my thinking on this last year was a quote from Venus Williams around discipline being the ultimate freedom. Watch it and then embrace the Eat That Frog mentality to allow yourself to flourish in 2024.

5. Find Your Circle/Seat/Table/Tribe – Insert Word Of Choice!

Oh god I am about to use that cheesy line – your network is your net worth. One of the key elements when thinking how to flourish as a solopreneur in 2024 is to rethink your mindset about your network and networking. The term by its very nature is pretty transactional – and for a long time people have perceived networking as a way of building connections just to further their business interests. As solopreneurs however, you face the additional challenges of being isolated a lot of the time, making decisions alone ALL of the time and having a very limited bank of support to use as a sounding board/emotional support/additional conscience. In 2024, to really flourish as a solopreneur, I challenge you to find the right network. One that allows you to forge real connection, build relationships that are not just mutually beneficial but that provide you with inspiration, desire to achieve and real comfort for when it is not going well. Find your North Star, a mentor that will help to connect you with people that will elevate your thinking, cut through your own bullshit and conquer some of those limiting beliefs. To really flourish you don’t just want people around you to tell you that you’re wonderful, you want them to challenge you, to provoke new thinking and to champion your ideas.

That is why I have put together my first close knit, intimate mentorship programme that I am really proud to be launching this year. For the last 5 years I have helped countless solopreneurs with strategy, inadvertently helping with their mindset and getting them out of their comfort zone to achieve real growth. This has always been in silos before, but with the landscape of 2024 needing collaboration and collective power more than ever before, I have formulated The Flourish Mentorship.

In this unique programme you can benefit from 2 hours 1-2-1 mentorship from me each month, in addition to a small group coaching session and a quarterly content creation day in person to help you with that meaningful visibility that you need this year. It is a true VIP experience that will challenge, inspire, motivate and encourage you to achieve more with your brand than you’ve probably thought possible. These are big claims I hear you saying in your head. Big claims that you’ve heard countless times before from all the gurus who want to sell you masterminds and group coaching programmes.

What makes this different? I don’t have an agenda to push to you. I am not telling you that I have a blueprint that I will dictate to you and then beat you over the head with it when it doesn’t work and make it your fault. I don’t have countless  upsells that you must get to have the “full experience” and I most definitely will not be forcing people to buy from each other to falsely inflate the ROI. These are all tactics that I leave to the Gurus. What I am going to deliver is bespoke mentoring support that is dedicated to your business, your needs, your market conditions and your capacity. The group coaching gives you the added dimension of networking, friendship and “oh you too, I thought it was just me!” moments. The quarterly content creation gives you tangible assets to use in your business that are not just selfies from helicopters or boujee restaurants with the gurus that don’t mean anything to your ideal clients.

The Flourish Mentorship is real – for real solopreneurs and business owners that want to seriously elevate their brand this year, and they need some intense, high energy support to do that. You can choose your commitment – from 3 months through to working with me all year, and from just £417 per month. There are masterminds which are £15k+ and they offer wonderful things, and they may be right for you. This is not a mastermind. This is a mentorship with additional benefits. If you want to know how to flourish as a solopreneur in 2024 – it would be to join the Flourish Mentorship.

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