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Five types of photos you need for your website


If you want to create a great first impression and get conversions, these are the five types of photos you need for your website. We will explore what photos will make your website stand out from the competition with best practice examples from leading small businesses…

5 Types Of Photos You Need For Your Website...

  1. Branded photos with negative space
  2. Branded headshots
  3. Quality product/service images
  4. Branded supporting imagery
  5. Story telling images
1: Branded photos with negative space

Most modern websites will use text overlay on images, so it is important when you are planning your photos for your website that you include images with negative space. This means images which give enough room around the main focus to allow for overlaid text, buttons or graphics. By using images with negative space you will be able to create those wow first impressions with your website without interfering with the user experience. 

A really good example of this can be found on luxury leather bag designer Keri-Kit’s website. By positioning the models of the luxury handbags to one side with a neutral background, the text overlay can be used to really stand out and create a contrast. When planning your website, try to work with a specialist branding photographer where possible, as they will be able to work with you to understand the overall requirements of the imagery needed for your overall online visibility strategy. 

2: Branded Headshots

In order to portray a professional impression you will want to ensure that you include branded headshots in your website. Surrey brand photographer Claire Wormley from Claire With The Camera works with creative female entrepreneurs to create portfolios of images that really capture the essence of the brand, as well as portray professionalism. 

” Professional doesn’t have to mean boring or corporate. When you are getting headshots for your website you want to focus on feeling confident and portraying the best version of you. My biggest tip when working with my branding clients is to get them to lock into how they want their audience to feel when they see the images. It really helps with creating the right ambiance and setting for the photoshoot, and getting great results.”

A great example of branded headshots helping to bring a website to life is Shelley Bosworth Coaching. The photographer (Hiral Jethwa) has really captured the personality and brand that Shelley represents, with warmth, openness and positivity oozing from the images.

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shelley bosworth coaching
Professional Brand Photography can help to communicate your brand values and personality
3: Quality Product & Service Images

Whether you are a product or service based business, having high quality imagery that showcases what you do will have a massive impact on your conversion rate. People cannot properly see or feel what you have to offer when they are limited to a digital experience, so the more focus you can give with videos and imagery, the more you can bring your products and services to life. The best way to think about it is look at how you can optimise the journey of people making a decision to buy from you, with great copy and complimentary imagery. A perfect demonstration of this can be found in the website of luxury Norfolk wedding dress shop, Boutique Of Dreams. They use a range of images and videos for each of their wedding gowns from the leading designers to help their customers bring to life the dresses from the screen. Check out their Eva Lendel collection as an example.

Things to think about with product photography:

  1. A clean and clear image of the product. From as many angles as possible.
  2. The product in its setting. So if it is a ring for example, showing it being worn by someone.
  3. The product in a lifestyle setting. Bring to life how the product can be used to its best advantage.  

The White Company demonstrate the use of great imagery to bring a product to life.

5 Types Of Photos You Need For Your Website... product and service imagery is so important

Another really good example of a small business using great product imagery is Ange B Designs. This London ethical jewellery designer ensures there is a really good mix of images on the website to showcase her latest designs and how they can be styled, so users can imagine it in their own lifestyle. 

For service based business websites, having images that bring to life the services you provide can deepen the connection for clients to the service provider. Examples could include:

  • Workshop/Course images. Show the setting type and presentation style.
  • Speaker images. Demonstrate your leadership style and presence as a speaker.
  • Online consultation mock ups. These show what the client could expect from being on the other side of the computer. 
  • Coaching/mentoring images. This can set the tone of how a session would look and feel.

Rehab Nail Training Academy, leading gel nail course providers in Manchester demonstrate the use of great service based imagery. They have brought to life their website by showing how students learn and what they will experience by taking one of their BIAB courses with their friendly, and non-intimidating imagery. 

4: Branded Supporting Images

To really bring to life your website you want to ensure that your supporting imagery that you use in addition to your core product/service imagery and headshots, is on brand. You should ensure the colours, tone and messaging are in line with your branding. Types of supporting imagery that can support your overall website:

  • Landscape/Outdoor images
  • Setting/Interior images
  • Flatlays
  • Details Shots
  • Industry Related Images

If you work with a brand photographer ahead of building your website you can construct a list of image requirements that will help you to create a cohesive website aesthetic that will be consistent and truly representative of the brand. If you are not working with a brand photographer then these stock image sites can provide great sources:

  • Pixabay – free images with a wide range 
  • Creative Market – huge access to independent photographers
  • Etsy – great for bundles and supporting other small businesses
  • Envato Elements – huge range of assets for all types of creative projects 

Another consideration is to look at brand photography subscriptions. You can look up local photographers that offer this service.

For an example of strong supporting imagery that compliments their brand is The Sustainable Wedding Alliance. The go to membership for wedding suppliers looking to become more eco-friendly, they have constructed their website with on brand imagery and videos that reflect their planet centred ethos.

5: Storytelling Images

Storytelling images are those that you feature on your website to show the process or transformation that your business can bring. Perfect for creative businesses and those that work with clients for a long period, story telling images can help to build the know, like and trust factor with your brand. 

Liz Clarkson Interiors is a fantastic websites that showcases story telling with the transformation images of her projects. Liz creates interior transformations through re-imaging existing furniture which she paints using her iconic retro styles. Story telling imagery is integral to Liz’s brand, helping to show the art of the possible when it comes to repurposing furniture. 

Creative ways to capture story telling images:

  • Timelapse
  • Before & After
  • Documentary Series

The five types of photos you need for your website...

When it comes to creating a website that will appeal to your ideal client and put conversion at the heart of the approach, these are five types of photos you need for your website that will make your pages stand out from the competition. If you are looking to create a website that represents your brand, why not get see how Worsley Creative could help?

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