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Is ai technology like Chatgpt going to be the game changer for small business in 2023? There’s been a lot of hype around Chatgpt and how it’s going to be:

  • The death of SEO
  • The end of copywriters careers
  • The start of accessible ai technology for all…

So I thought I would address it in here for you. I would normally only do these sort of updates for my online visibility memberships but hey this is something that all small business owners should be thinking about… 

What is Chatgpt?...

Chaptgpt is an ai technology tool that can write content for you on any topic. You simply give it a subject to talk about and it will churn out some content (up to a few hundred words) – which you can use on any of your online platforms to help your ideal clients.

Woooahhh I bet you are thinking – this is the answer to my content creation dreams! Something that will do it for me, and for free? Wahooo content for 2023 is sorted. Except that might not be the case. Before you go cancelling your copywriters, dumping your memberships to SEO tutorial groups and shining your Chatgpt medals hang on a second. There are a few things which Chatgpt cannot do, which only your small business can…


1. Chatgpt cannot produce rich content

This ai tool does not produce rich content. By this I mean it does not add context, opinion, trend commentary, predictions or references. It doesn’t add your unique and original take on things that will appeal to your ideal clients. In short – it’s a tub of vanilla ice cream. Using a shed tonne of data and information sources it can find, Chatgpt may give you an accurate answer, but it wont necessarily give you an interesting one, and that is what Google is looking for with its latest helpful content algorithm update.

2. chatgpt cannot give opinion or upcoming trends.

Chaptgpt uses existing data to give its answers, which means it cannot predict or give trend information which would be of interest to your ideal clients. So from an SEO perspective if you want to stay ahead of your clients wants and needs, you will still need to invest in a great content marketing strategy that looks and can see what is coming as well as what is existing.

what chatgpt is great for...

Chatgpt is great for small business in the sense that:

  • It can give you a great starter on a topic
  • It can help you identify if you have gaps in your content
  • It can give you some structure for your content

what chatgpt is not so great for...

What chatgpt is not great for –

  • Getting your content seen by your ideal clients
  • Telling your own story
  • Being helpful in your unique way
  • Making your website stand out from the competition

If you want to make your content visible in 2023 then ai technology can really help you, but it’s not going to replace the need to learn about your ideal client, invest in your skills as a marketeer and build your confidence in telling your story. That’s where I can help you.

In my membership The Visibility Society we cover everything you need to know about marketing your business and getting your business visible – and we will be doing a tutorial on how to use ai content tools to make your content stand out against the crowds.

The Visibility Society is about so much more than SEO – so don’t think it’s just about your website. You’ll feel more confident overall in how to lead your business when you immerse yourself in the community!

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