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The importance of brand photography when building your website

Most small business owners underestimate the importance of brand photography when building your website…

Sense of urgency, budget restrictions and confidence issues are major contributions that prevent business owners from investing in brand photography, but the reality is that good imagery that really represents you and your business is a huge contributor to establishing and growing your brand. In this article we will explore the importance of brand photography when building your website, with insight from Surrey brand photographer Claire Wormley from Claire With The Camera. 

5 reasons that brand photography is important for building your website:

  1. Professional Aesthetic
  2. Communicating your Brand Values and Personality
  3. Building Recognition and Credibility
  4. Storytelling for your Brand
  5. Creating an Emotional Connection

1: Professional Aesthetic

The reality is your website is judged within the first second of someone landing on one of your pages. With 40% of users judging a business on its imagery alone, this is enough to finish the argument on the importance of brand photography when building your website! 

“You want the first impression of your website to be wow! I’m in the right place, this business has the answer to my problem. Good brand photography is critical for achieving that.” Claire is right – websites which perform best from a user experience perspective will use high quality imagery that works well with the website design. Using stock images and pictures taken on your phone will only take you so far with your brand. 

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The Inky Giraffe - Laura Hills, brand and graphic designer, brand photos taken in Essex, by Claire with the Camera. Small Business Brand Photographer Surrey.JPG
Professional Brand Photography can help to communicate your brand values and personality

2: Communicating your brand values and personality

Good brand photography can make a huge difference to the perception of your values and the personality of your brand. If you want to convey your business as fun, outgoing and creative, just like the Inky Giraffe in the image above, then a series of plain headshots is probably not going to quite cut it!  

Your website is your digital home, where people come to learn, interact and hopefully buy from your business. The experience you give should be as immersive as possible so that your audience can connect with you beyond the products and services you provide. When working with her clients, Claire has built up extensive experience in capturing the essence of the brand, using a process that goes well beyond an outfit choice or particular posing method. Claire works with her clients to fully understand the brand purpose and values and together with the clients creates a strategy that incorporates location, composition, messaging and intended use of the portfolio so that a comprehensive plan can be formed from the start. As a result, rather than a set of images that have no cohesion creating a mismatched website experience, a collection meaningful assets is created that can be used across a clients online presence, creating an omni-channel experience with the website as the central anchor for the brand. 

By not investing in good brand photography for your website you run the risk of your pages looking un-coordinated, unrepresentative and at worst unprofessional. Professional doesn’t need to mean corporate by the way, which Claire’s client portfolio really demonstrates. 

3. Building recognition and credibility

Your brand is so much more than a logo. Your brand is the emotional connection that your audience has to your business (you can read more on this topic here) so when considering the importance of brand photography when building your website, when you think about how you can digitally build credibility and instant recognition, brand photography is key. 

Things to consider that will help to build credibility and recognition through the imagery representing your brand:

  • Location/Setting
  • Colours
  • Composition
  • Poses
  • Placement 

How you use your imagery throughout your website is a significant consideration. Ideally your brand photographer would work with your website designer to create a wish list of images that will work with and enhance the overall design of the website. As a web designer, I have three key things on my wish list that I need from brand photos:

My brand imagery wish list as a web designer...
  1.  Images with negative space. This will allow for text overlay on hero images and backgrounds on pages
  2. Story telling. A series of images which document the journey of the products/services/story of the brand.
  3. Accompanying images. Flat lays, landscapes, detail shots. These stop me from needing to buy stock imagery and are far superior to stock imagery.

4: Storytelling for your brand

You need your website to be more than just a digital business card or online shop. With a new website created every minute and the increasing trend with AI generating content, the internet is awash with homogenous content that doesn’t have meaning or purpose. Googles latest algorithm update dubbed the helpful content update has placed a priority on content that is original, unique and serves a distinct purpose. Your imagery on your website plays a key part in this, so its really significant when thinking about the importance of brand photography when building your website. 

“Being able to tell a story through the compliment of your wording to your imagery is something a good brand photographer will be able to work with you on” comments Claire, and this is so true. You want to be able to create a scrolling experience in harmony with what you are including in your written messaging, so having brand photography that puts storytelling at the heart of its design will set you apart from your competition. Lifestyle imagery, behind the scenes, process images, in situ images – these examples will help to uniquely bring to life the content that will help your business to move beyond competing on price or scarcity. 

Storytelling is what will inspire your audience, it will help to build the know, like and trust factor and add purpose to your content. 

4: Storytelling for your brand

Brand imagery can be a powerful took for a business to leverage when it wants to transcend from being just a provider of products and services. With technology able to create good user experiences that mean small business owners can create a website on their own, it is easy for businesses to fall into the standard website trap. By investing in quality brand photography for your website you can use those assets to create an emotional connection to your brand. Whether you want to be a comfort to your audience, a support, a trusted partner or something more energetic like the provider of adventure and escape, by working with your brand photographer you can create assets which embody those feelings and help you to build meaningful connections that are uniquely representative of you, 

The importance of brand photography when building your website

Whether you are looking to build your recognition and credibility in your industry, establish or elevate the emotional connection with your audience or simply to better portray your brands personality you should always be thinking about the value that your imagery is bringing to the experience. If you are based in the South East and are interested in hearing more about how brand photography could help your brand development, why not get in touch with Claire and see where your brand could go…

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