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What Intentional Activity Means To Us

It has become fashionable in the last few years to label your business as “ethical” or “sustainable” and to use this as a marketing tool to attract like minded people. When you scratch below the surface however, you see that there is a lot of activity which would not be classed as particularly ethical, nor sustainable. 

At Worsley Creative we are committed as a small business to take intentional activity that helps us to be as ethical and sustainable as possible. We recognise we have significant privilege, and also significant responsibility for what impact we have on the planet – and our community. With this in mind, we engage in activities that, in our small way, help the planet and our community.

Why intentional activity and not "corporate social responsibility"?

Well firstly, we do not want to make grand statements when we are a small independent business that is anything but “corporate”. Secondly, we feel that there is a lot of activities that businesses undertake because it “ticks a box” and is neither meaningful or intentional, but more a means to an end. We feel that our approach to intentional activity really demonstrates that we are on a journey with our approach, and that it is fundamental to our brand.

The Three Lenses...


Activities which have an impact on our wider society to improve opportunities for people.

Environment Led

Conscious decisions to help support our planet and combat the ever increasing issue of climate change.


Initiatives that we are proud to lead and contribute to that make an impact on our local communities in the areas we serve.


Our Current Activities...



Non-Exec Director Role

Working with the Bolton Forest School Little Bats Learning is a brilliant opportunity for us to be involved in a community project that is making a real difference to local families. This amazing organisation, run by Elanor Gordon is leading outdoor activities not just for children, but supporting the mental health of parents and carers, and we are proud to be supporting the marketing of this award winning brand.

Digital Leg Up Programme

This is a new initiative being led by Worsley Creative to support ex-offenders who are leaving the prison system and want to start their own business. 

We support the individual with giving them a “digital leg up” – a basic website and branding design to help them establish their business. 

Giving an opportunity to the community in this way can make a huge difference to local lives.





Planting Trees With Ecologi

We are very conscious that despite every effort to minimise our carbon footprint, we are contributing to the increasing carbon emissions which are putting pressure on our planet. 

To balance out the negative impact we have on the environment, we have signed up to the Ecologi tree planting project. To date we have planted over 20 trees and will continue our monthly pledge so that more of our precious forestry can be protected.

Supporting the Become Charity

The Become Charity specialise in helping children who in care, are young people leaving the care system. 

Pamela is passionate about supporting young people and giving them opportunities to flourish when they have not been given the start in life that they deserve. 

By supporting Become with our monthly pledge we are making a small difference to young peoples lives – donating towards the advice line, coaching services and much more.

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