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2024 Wedding Suppliers Guide to Wedding Trends

The 2024 wedding suppliers guide to wedding trends – we know it’s not too early to be thinking of it because you are already booking couples in! So let’s look at the 5 key trends that are emerging for 2024 weddings gleaned from the catwalks, the planners and the musings of couples already planning, so you can think about how you can best serve your couples with these trends in mind…


  1. Hedonism
  2. Escapism
  3. Sustainability
  4. Hollywood Glamour
  5. Elopements
Hedonistic Weddings are a key trend for weddings in 2024

1. Hedonism

2024 weddings are all about indulgence, and the pursuit of pleasure. Vibrant Colours, all of the textures, impactful displays – everything being a bit OTT and in your face.

Think sexy, fun and flirtatious gowns (from the likes of Jessica Couture and Eva Lendel) and huge floral displays, live bands and dancing till dawn.

Hedonistic photography is documentary style and indulgent on the couple – less about formal family shots and more about those candid portraits in the moment and capturing the essence of their love story.

People are tired of the cost of living crisis, bored of following tradition and want to maximise the investment they’ve made for their big day.

2. Escapism

Exclusive use. Taking over. Wedding Weekend. Forget the traditional Saturday 3pm wedding at the local parish church, in 2024 weddings are becoming an all consuming escapism event.  

For weddings that are taking place over a whole weekend (or longer) the vibe is informal and all about community. From late night suppers ahead of the big day to long lazy brunches after the celebration, this trend is about bringing people together, maximising the impact of the event and making life long memories.

Non traditional venues offering accommodation for multiple guests, glamping sites and destination chateau takeovers make the perfect venues for escapist weddings and the food is all about the communal table. Grazing boards, drum spit roasters slow cooking delicious melt in the mouth pork rolls and dessert tables that the free flowing champagne will make look even more appetising. Cakes are a work of art but ultimately designed to be devoured – with exotic flavour combinations that reflect the travels and adventures of the couple getting married.

The fashion is off guard and versatile, with free flowing gowns with less structure and flirty femininity. Colourful suits and relaxed tailoring allow the groom to feel comfortable and in the moment.

Photography is journalistic in style, looking to capture the journey of the whole event and bring together the stories of everyone involved to create a storyboard the couple can treasure and refer to forever.

Making a full weekend of the wedding with sole use of a glamping site or taking over a venue is a key wedding trend for 2024


More and more couples are becoming conscious of their carbon footprint and are looking to incorporate sustainability into their celebration, and for 2024 this trend is one that should definitely be on your radar as a wedding vendor.

The sustainable wedding in 2024 is all about consciousness without compromise. The experience of the wedding has to be maintained and just as instagrammable – but with decisions made that are planet friendly.

Conscious swaps including locally sourced food and drink, seasonal, organic floristry and hired wedding decor rather than single use, are the emerging trends in the sustainability space that couples are proactively pursuing.

Fashion is repurposed, hair and makeup is ethically sourced and choices are made with the wider impact in mind, not just for the aesthetic on the day.

The developments in the sustainability movement, driven by activists such as The Sustainable Wedding Alliance, mean that weddings that are eco-friendly don’t come with a prescribed aesthetic or styling. Couples are able to have their hedonistic celebration, embrace the Hollywood glamour or create their quintessential English country garden wedding, whilst looking at reducing waste and harmful emissions which are damaging the planet.

Hollywood Glamour is making a resurgence as a wedding trend for 2024 and bringing all the decadence with it

The decadent days of the silver screen are making a resurgence in the wedding space and couples are going mad for the old movie magic aesthetic.

Romance, drama, intrigue, opulence and sex appeal dominate this trend.

Stately venues both in the city and country; evening nuptials, black tie dressing and glitzy celebrations bring this aesthetic together to create an experiential wedding scene that Marilyn, the Hepburns and Greta Garbo would be proud of.

Dresses are structured and designed to accentuate the curves, brought bang up to date with contemporary statements like thigh high slits to add a modern 2024 twist that adds even more sex appeal.

Photography is iconic – looking to capture the drama, get those poses and the money shot in the bag before the real party starts, and the champagne flows in perpetuity…

Elopements are pure love stories

The elopement wedding is a romantic trend for 2024 that is just all about the couple. Forget the pomp and the ceremony. Leave behind the fuss and the drama of table plans and entourage and focus on the love story of two people coming together.

The elopement wedding is shared with very few, the inner circle, the trusted collective.

The rings are the statement, the fashion is understated and the celebration is enjoyed in conjunction with a favourite event (think taking a box at the Royal Albert Hall Christmas Candlelit concert for example).

The photographer needs to intimately understand that this is not about an event, this is not about a ceremony, this is about a love story. No need for a huge reel of images, just that encapsulation of the moment that they will treasure.

2024 Wedding Suppliers Guide to Wedding Trends

Whether you’re a wedding venue, planner, cake maker, florist or bridal boutique, the 2024 wedding trends represent an incredible opportunity to showcase your unique talent in an environment where couples are making the biggest investment outside of property that they will likely make in their lives. Incredibly exciting times – what trend excites you most?

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